Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Last Halloween Picture

Who can resist one last picture of the "odd" Fairy Princess at Lynn's party?  Susan sent this on Flickr and I want her to teach me how.  Note the jewelry.  No one sparkled like the "odd" Fairy Princess at this party.  But then again when don't I sparkle???  Only when covered with welding slag.

Bob and I went to Art With A Cause tonight at the bank building at Peak and Swiss.  Went to support Jay and was glad to see the Huntoons and others we know.  Cynthia got there about the time we did so saw her, too.  Couldn't stay.  We were late going to see Mother and on to Billy Bob's.  

Mom was really doing well.  I asked her if she knew what today was.  For someone with dimensia who is usually confused, she said, "My Mother's birthday, All Saints Day."  Yes!!!Mom was Lottie Mae and Lottie Mae was my Mother tonight.  What a treat for me and Bob.  I asked her why Texans don't celebrate Maw Maw's birthday with All Saints Day and the painting of the graves.  She said they certainly should.  What a special gift for me when my real Mom is there like tonight.

Billy Bob's VERY slow.  I guess after Willie Nelson last week this was to be expected.  We had the Nashville Stars (tv contest).  I admit I don't have a clue about Nashville Stars.

I got to thank my wonderful ladies, Vicki, Pat and Geana, for my birthday gift - a gift certificate to Home Depot, my favorite store.  They gave Bob gift certificates to restaurants (his birthday is exactly 7 days after mine).  They are the greatest and we love our gifts.  They make it fun for us to be there every Saturday night.  Vicki didn't remind me her step-mother, Sarah, whom I adore had a birthday yesterday.  Sarah also got me a gift certificate at Home Depot and I forgot her birthday.  Shame, shame on me.  

Did get to leave early since it was slow.   We went to IHOP on the way home.  Should have gone after Lynn's party last night so the ladies who work there could have seen me in my "odd" Fair Princess costume.  They would have thought I looked FABULOUS, too.

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