Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Festival Pictures

Neighbors in Mike and Shelley's garden for the Fall Festival.  First picture is Dawn Estes making contribution to the Forest Hills Neighborhood Association.  Pretty cool.  Then people who came and enjoyed.  Lots of fun was had.  I'd put Mike and Shelley's yard up against any carnival anywhere in Dallas.  I wish we'd had a bigger turnout.  Mike and Shelley and the rest of the crew worked hard to make this a wonderful party for big and little Fall Festival goers.  Maybe word about all the fun will bring lots more next year.

Mike and Shelley wanted to let everyone know their yard and gardens will be a decorated spectacular like last year (probably more so) and encouraged all to get their decorations going for Christmas.  They sure give Liz at Lizland a run for her money.  The entire neighborhood enjoys their yard each year.  I loved the lady ice skater last year skating in circles.

More pictures to come.
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