Monday, November 10, 2008

Forest Hills Garden Club

Finally on the East Dallas Art Gardens blog I have gardening news.

The Forest Hills Garden Club was a small gathering this month at Katrina's house, but we are cute.  Jane left before I remembered to ask Mark to take our picture.  Jane may be one of the most gracious women I know.  Here's Barb, Josephine (brand new member and my back yard neighbor), Mary, me and Katrina.  Why we didn't put Jessica in the middle I don't know.  Jessica is Katrina and Mark's darling baby girl and I think we should make her our official mascot.  Katrina's home looks like she's ready for a photo shoot for Architectural Digest.  

I am not standing next to Mary in any more pictures.  She makes me look 3 feet tall.  

All of our gardens will look better after today.  We've had light rain for quite a while and can only hope it lasts several days.  The girls were talking about continuing to water for the trees all winter.  I always take a tip home from the meetings.

My across the street neighbor had a tree cut down Friday.  I was out back welding and the constant of the chain saw noise all day gave me such a headache.  I wanted to go over there and tell them to just stop.  Of course I did go over after an inspected the logs.  Glo will question me on whether the tree needed to be cut or not.  I didn't see any obvious problems, but I'm not a tree specialist. I have volunteered to be handcuffed to a tree if a developer is cutting it down for no reason.  I'm not afraid of developers.  I proved I can stand them down when I stood in front of that electric company man's front loader.  No monk parrots lost nests that day.

But when it's a neighbor, how do you go over and act like the tree police?  I want to, but I'm a gutless wonder.  Maybe if Glo and I went together.  We will deserve our reputation "crazy tree ladies" in the neighborhood.

The name of the neighborhood is FOREST Hills.  Takes trees to be a FOREST, for goodness sakes.  Well, off the soapbox for now, good night.

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