Monday, November 3, 2008

Show Entrance Idiot

Cynthia talked me into entering my mosiac heart in the "Sum Of All Parts 2" show at the Bathhouse.  Took me 3 hours to get some pictures, which you can see are not great, fill out the forms, etc.  Got it all done and got to the Bathhouse with 30 minutes to spare from the deadline.  Today I ran an errand in JoAnn's  car (I'm car sitting) and there's the entry form.  I am a Show Entrance Idiot.  Should have figured something was wrong when I had 30 minutes to spare before the deadline.  Saw Katrina when I dropped off half my package and she was talking about the mermaid show she's going to do at the Bathhouse in the spring.  Guess I'll just start looking forward to that.  I know Cynthia will have some fabulous mermaid and encourage me to work on one, so I'd better get started.

Now I'm off to American metal for what else?  Metal.  I have the third chair of my commission in my head and ready to go.  I think this is Arboretum Artscape committee meeting day, so once again, I'll be welding up until time to go.  I'm so dirty and smelly I sit far away from everyone as a courtesy.  At least they let me in.

Tried to upload the pictures I took for the Bathhouse piece and they won't.  

Did I mention a shelf hit me on the head last Thursday.  I have an excuse for EVERYTHING for a year with Bob and six months each with Cynthia and Jay.  Thank goodness!
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