Monday, August 17, 2009

Super fruit, super flowers

Seems like I only write here when I have an article. Going to try and change that.

Arlene is one of the Women Who Weld I wrote about when I first started this blog. I wanted to name the blog, "Women Who Weld", but Hardy said only 3 welding women would read it. Arlene's one of thosse 3. Read on.

Super Fruit, super flowers

This weekend was too hot to garden, or cook or weld. So decided to branch out from the 'hood and get some takeout. Found a market selling "super fruit". The world, like super fruit, expands when you leave your area. I'm sure they're delicious with a decidedly cement taste.

Last year Wonder Woman Welder, Arlene Shiver, welded "super flower" a beautiful piece for the sculpture show at the State Fair of Texas. Wonder Woman with a Welder will be back this year. Arlene's "Super Sculpture" will be in the totem garden by the lagoon. Branch out to the State Fair of Texas and enjoy fabulous outdoor art - starts Friday, September 25. For more famous sculpture artists go to:

Delbert Beckham
Cynthia Daniel
Marty Ray
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