Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last Christmas party pictures

Here's the last of the party pictures. Saved Weldon's picture for last grouping, that's him with Nancy. Have adored him forever. Many many years ago (34 summers ago) Weldon use to produce bird shows at a sealife park. Some of those shows I was his only audience. I ran the games and I wasn't swamped with "guests". Weldon's contract said he had to put on his bird shows whether he had an audience or not. I took it on myself to always look in his audience. If no one was there, I'd plop myself front row center and applaud like this was the first time I'd seen his show. Obviously, the sealife park wasn't having a good summer. But we had good times. Weldon still does bird shows and I'll be back in his audience someday. Love those animal parks, some furry little monster always escaping looking for a child to eat. I am not kidding.

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