Friday, January 9, 2009

Forest Hills Garden Club - PARTY TIME

Garden Club party was last night at my house. A lovely time was had. Much more interesting two years ago at Barb's house when there was a lot of drama with the trades and steals. Tonight nearly everyone loved the gift they got. But later we did get into a lively discussion about some divorced neighbors. Josephine likes the wife, I like the husband. Unfortunately, Josephine's to nice for discussion to become trashy.

Andie was our first timer. She should have been a comedian. I have never met someone who can hand out one liners faster and all night. She said she's here with us for life. Hooray. Her yard will be featured on our garden tour. Great yard with a big dinosaur. You know I love dinosaurs. I'm thinking of making making fused glass earrings for the dinosaur. Male and female dinosaurs alike love earrings. I'm a semi-expert on dinosaur accessories.

My bartender, Bob, took care of the girls with their drinks and then went back in his office to escape. Easy for him because he has his office to escape to. He's like Barb's John, makes an appearance and then slips out. They're scared, but always brave.

I COOKED something, those little pastries Katrina had at last month's meeting. She wasn't here to be impressed, but everyone else was. I forget who, but someone asked how many times Bob had to eat these before I tried them out on the girls. Only 3 times. I even bought parchment paper to cook them on. Didn't call Martha this time, so I had to ask someone at Tom Thumb what in the world parchment is and then have them show me. Wouldn't you think paper in the oven equals fire? I would know having plopped chocolate chip cookie dough from a tub on wax paper in the oven. My first fire (in this house's oven) was when I heated the oven for a pizza the first night we moved in here. Previous owner put the instruction manual in the oven. Who would think to look to see if books are in the oven before pre-heating? Some people.

One of the garden girls, I suspect Delores, asks what's in my pastry rollups and I fell for it thinking she cared. I list the ingredients and mentioned ham last. OOOPS! Immediately looked at Abbie and apologized for my faux pas. How indelicate of me. Abbie would have thrown a rollup at me if there'd been any left.

Several ladies brought goodies and all were delicious. Barb went that extra mile and made some cookies everyone went crazy over. I stopped at 4. And Judy thought she'd be able to sneak a few cookies home for Jack, not. Give me a year and I'm having Barb over with her blender and learn to make those cookies. Can't right now. Remember I have that little garbage disposal issue in my sink right now. Loved the cookies, but not enough to be swallowed by the disposal or whatever devilish scheme it has in mind for me. Best is to avoid possessed disposal and kitchen for a few months.

Thanks for coming ladies. No one had more fun than me.

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