Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting to the Last of Pictures and Other Musings

These pictures have a little "Hot Flash Art Girls" and Mike theme, don't you think? Mom, Alice is having a little procedure tomorrow, so all our prayers go to her and the family. I know she'll be fine, she's such a delightful person.

Today all ice is gone and the world is back to normal. I ran out to Angie's to get my roots done. Because I can't remember anything, I double checked the appointment time last night. 11:30. Read it wrong, right time was 11:00. Angie was a sweetheart about my mistake. Couldn't wait to get home and see if I wrote it down wrong. Nope. Read it wrong. Scary. First, I had to buy a spiral notebook to make notes in and keep up with my schedule. Second, remember to write in it. Third, check it to get to correct places, on time. Did all, now find out I can't read.

Again, Angie was great as always. Some guy comes up to her as she's finishing my hair and tells her he did the makeup for the back up singers at the recent Celine Dion concert. He's telling her about some boots Celine wore that reminded him of Angie. Angie says he should have asked her to be his assistant or carry the makeup or something so she could see the concert. He just keeps rambling on about the boots while Angie asks how he got the gig and does he need an assistant for next time. As he continues rambling on it was all I could do not to scream, "Answer Angie's question you Nitwit!" If Angie could become assistant to the hairdresser/makeup person for backup concert singers maybe I could carry her tools. But this guy had some friggin' boot fetish and couldn't really get past the boots.

Quote from my Mother, Lottie Mae, "People are so strange except for you and me and I worry about you".

Had a little kitchen accident last night. Decided to really clean out the blender. Took it apart, got a toothbrush to the blades, the whole nine yards. Unfortunately, I forgot the little black rubber ring was still in the dishwater. You guessed it - still there when I turned pulled the plug and turned on the disposal. Wonder what kind of mess we'll see next time I use that blender. Maybe it will become the new paper pulp blender. I have a feeling the woman who looks like Lottie is about to bring back James Randall's real mom and she will need a blender for making paper instead of making soup.
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