Saturday, January 10, 2009

Celebratory Lunch with Julie - to her Good Health

Julie, me, lunch, shopping and most important celebrating Julie's good health. Doesn't she look great? And she's happy. She was leaving for Atlanta later in the day. Julie and Bill started their married life in Atlanta and her first child was born there. Circle closed with much happiness.

We had lunch at Nordstroms. I'd never been to the restaurant - ladies lunch type place. Good thing Julie had on jeans, too, or I'd have had to ask for many napkins to cover me. We got there early, but by the time we left the restaurant was full. Great people watching. Ladies with big hair, bold makeup and large jewels all wearing Chanel and St. John suits. See what I mean about jeans?

Julie had gift cards and Nordstoms had "reduced" signs everywhere, so we shopped. We checked out little girls shoes, nothing I liked. Downstairs to big girl shoes. Every pair I liked started in a size 6. The red shoe I'm showing off in the picture with Julie would need lots of toilet paper stuffed in the toe. I hate big girl shoes. Not only are there no size 5's in ladies shoes anymore, but the sales people act like there never were size 5. Like I made this up. Another conspiracy!?!? If I had one friend with size 5 feet I could start a write in or something. Maybe now's the time to begin a foot size survey.
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