Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner @ Patrizios

Again, with the continuing Christmas party pictures.

Bob and I met Steve and My Darling Martha Dawn for dinner at Patrizios. We knew to get there very early - Friday night, holiday and Cotton Bowl. They didn't want to miss the lights in the trees at Highland Park Village. We were there for a while before the lights came on and then the big tree on the patio where we were sitting didn't come on. So Martha asked our waiter and he went to check. The tree came on with it's timer and he came back out. He admitted the timer after Martha thanked him. She said he should have graciously just said, "You're welcome", and takent the credit. Martha had gifts for me and I had nothing for her. Great bookmarks, hard to describe with ladies high heels on them. We'd of course just been talking about books we have to read. I'll order mine on the library web page tomorrow. And she gave me a lovely little round frame with diamonds all around it, a Lottie frame. As Steve said, "Real diamonds". Well of course. Did I mention Bob and I sat looking at the restaurant so they could have the best view? Well, we do go to Patricios a lot, but even more during Christmas holidays when the trees are so beautifully lit. Did I remember my camera? Noooooo

I'd stopped at the resale store where I sell my earrings. I bought a really cute jacket and designer sweater. I'd sold enough earrings that I had credit and I owed 2 cents. I wore the 1 cent jacket to dinner. Pretty cool. I need to sit down and make enough earrings to fill up the kiln and get cooking.
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