Monday, January 26, 2009

The Golden Child and Good Friends

Here's my little darling with Angie getting a haircut for the first time in several hundred years. I've cut his hair most of his life, but there's no longer trust - hair wise, between us. Angie, whom he barely knows - lots of trust there. During the holidays James Randall caught a virus and felt so bad we took him to the doctor. First time he's ever been to the doctor for anything other than a checkup. We had to go across the hall for bloodwork. A man on a walker was in the waiting room with me while they were sucking the blood out of my only child. He starts in - is that a boy or girl, so much hair, how long is his hair, etc. I said nothing. Not easy for me. But he continues so finally I get up to get a magazine and get right in his face and say, "IT'S ONLY HAIR". I'm usually pretty nice to people, especially people in walkers. Heaven knows I've had a few elderly relatives I love in walkers (and I was the relative with them in the doctor's office). I gave this guy a couple of comments and then realized he wasn't going to leave it alone until I responded. He should consider himself lucky that's all I said since he was dissing the golden child.

Here's a perfect example of why I'm so lucky with friends. At Vince's birthday party I mentioned to Lola I wish James Randall and film crew would get us going with the Barbaree Beat. Without missing a beat, Lola said, "It's OK, they're kids." Love that Lola.
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