Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shoe Art

Between working on Bob's end of year books and typing a feasibility study he's writing, I have plenty to keep me busy. But this morning I was reading Art Groups DFW and saw a call to artists for shoe art. Is that up my alley? Yes. Here's a sea creature I made from a shoe for a Christmas ornament auction for the CAC. This is Mother's green lizard Bruno Magli (right foot). Thanks, Mom.

Rather than type the study or work on end of year books, I dug out Mom's left shoe and started another sea creature. I think I'm in my sea creature phase. When Shoe Sea Creature is complete, I want to make a shrimp even though I should start a mermaid for a future Bath House mermaid show. Shrimp need spotlighting. No one loves crawfish more than me, but I don't know to make one that wouldn't be confused with a lobster. Size? But Bob's eaten "mudbugs" in Australia that are the size of lobsters. Too confusing.

And you thought you had problems.
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