Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Texas Sculpture Association Board Meeting

Here's the Texas Sculpture Association Board meeting the first time this year. Cynthia and I drive to Oklahoma once a month to attend. Actually Nan's house is up Central Expressway at the Arapaho exit, but I think it's Oklahoma, because it's so far out of my 5 mile comfort zone. Cynthia's better about the drive than me. Thank goodness Bob drives us to Fort Worth every Saturday night while I play with his i-phone and pretend we aren't on a road trip.

My feet don't touch the floor when I sit in those chairs so after about an hour I'm squirming. Jay brought me a footstool once, I think it was a toolbox, but it worked.

Miss Calico (age 15) is having a hard time jumping on our bed and it's low. I need to make her a little footstool and I could take the footstool to the meetings. Last night Miss Calico was laying next to Bob while he was reading and petting her. She turned and fell off the bed. Life can sometimes be not easy for even the most pampered cat. She's not the smartest, or sweetest, but she is demanding and pretty. Gives her that great personality. Better get busy with the footstool before she sucks out my breath while I'm sleeping, little precious. I'll try to get a picture of our little darling for you.
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