Thursday, January 1, 2009

2nd Day of 2009

Here I am posting on the second day of the year, keeping up with my resolution to post every day, along with more Christmas party pictures.   Hardy's a daily poster. Course he has something to say.

We stayed in today. Randall's feeling better. So much so he met two of his college roommates who drove in from Denton. They got a bite to eat and went to see "The Spirit". None them had ever walked out of a movie and after a half hour, they did. Went to the manager's office and told him it was the worst movie they'd ever been to. Bob and I have walked out of movies, but never thought to go and tell the manager. Figured they wouldn't care. This guy gave the boys a voucher to come back. Good for him and good for the boys. Bob and I will take that movie off our list. R's back and passed out on the sofa. That's the problem with a virus, just getting up and taking a shower wears you out.

Our neighborhood board has been emailing each other. Mary accomplished a great project for the neighborhood. She spearheaded the design, purchase and installation of our neighborhood sign. I haven't seen it, but the board is raving about it. Will check it out tomorrow and hopefully we will get it in the Metro section of the paper. Proud of the neighborhood, proud of the sign, proud of the Garden Club who contributed a lot of $$ for the sign through our Garden Tour and thanks to Mary. I'll have pictures of it tomorrow or the next day.

I'm reading a great book Cynthia loaned me. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. Apparently there's a series and Cynthia has a couple more. There are other worlds, portals, police work, time travel, etc. and all tie into Jane Eyre and other literature. My kind of reading. Pick it up if you have the chance. I've ordered Carrie Fisher's, Wishful Drinking from the library. Should be fun there.

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