Monday, January 19, 2009

The Actual Boy Babe Birthday

Sunday's Boy Babe Birthday Party at Bobbi and Lola's was lovely. They had chicken wings and lets and everyone brought other treats. The girls made Sweet Tea for me. I only have it at their house and Carol's. Nector of the Gods. Glo will try some, but usually has to add water. Exploring in their house is great. They showed us the new downstairs bathroom - think Hollywood. Bobbi's grandmother sold butter and eggs to buy a beautiful mirror Bobbi's hung over the pedastal sink. Great tile, colors, nooks and fixtures. We need to get this bathroom in a magazine, with me in a great Greta Garbo lookalike gown and hair/makeup. I do put on aires, we will dress up Bobbi and Lola, too. BARBAREE BEAT EPISODE.

Checked out the back yard. Bobbi's finished her tile carpet. I should have gotten you a picture. She's agreed to be on the garden tour next year. This year would be great, so imagine giving the back yard another year.

But wait, it's Vince's birthday with all his Babes celebrating him. So here he is.
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