Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Little Princess

Theses are not good pictures, but here's our little Princess. I haven't gotten around to making or getting her a little stool so she can hop on our bed easier. I have ideas, but no follow through. Should take a picture of her right now, she's curled up on the sofa. I upholstered the sofa in her colors. I put a bit of black velvet trim on the top of the back and along the side. My not black cat seems to get fur all over the black velvet. The fur fight in this house is constant, BlackJack adds to it a bit - a bit!?!?!

I'm going to brave the icy day and run to the grocery store. I'm out of strawberry cream cheese to go on my morning bagel. Can't face tomorrow morning without my sweet. A slight addiction there? We won't even talk about Grande Green Tea Frappicinos with extra whipped cream.
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