Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Resolutions, already broken

Oops! Already I missed a day posting, though my resolution was to post daily. I can quit completely or just try to catch up. Kinda like trying to keep up with how much metal's in the back yard, never happen. I'll just keep buying more and be delightfully surprised that I already had what I just bought.

Again with the Christmas party pictures - be prepared because there's more to come. I know I didn't take pictures of a lot of people, especially late comers. I have a short attention span and that includes picture taking.

Missed Becky's party last night at the CAC. Next Saturday is the general meeting for TSA, so I'll have to miss seeing Mother and going on to Billy Bob's. Can't miss two Saturdays in a row. I'm sure they all had a great time. I certainly would have. To think I use to be THE Party Diva at CAC. What's happened?

Mom was doing good, enjoying the little flat screen TV over the foot of her bed we gave her for Christmas. The remote is a bit hard for her, but then again, our living room TV is 15 years old and all the remotes to operate ours still confuse me. I've just learned to record through the cable box, but unfortunately there's nothing on TV to record. Except last night I did record this great program on channel 13 about movie people who fled Hitler's Germany; Billy Wilder, Marlene Dietrich, etc. Great show. Everyone once in a while.......

On to Billy Bob's, where Vicki and her toe were progressing nicely. Then she went to the regular bathroom at Billy Bob's. We have an employee bathroom, but it's further away. Some Amazon woman was walking in front of her and stepped back. You got it, right on poor Vicki's much operated on toe. She said the pain was incredible. Said the woman felt terrible. Well, I guess next manager meeting I should suggest we stop letting Amazon women in the club. Doubt if I'll get anyone but Vicki on my side with that one. Well, I'm sure Pam would support us, but again, way to outnumbered. Even with a 4 inch rod connected to a steel ball at the end of her toe, Vicki's still the best thing to happen to Bob and me, the manager we always dreamed of. All night I was scared to death I'd be the next person to step on her foot - I'm such a clutzy person.

Our darling son did not complain when I reminded him to write thank you notes to everyone at Billy Bob's who bought him Christmas gifts. These same delightful people haven't seen him in years, but never forget him. I read his note to Vicki. Something about a thank you for the Starbucks card so he could OD on coffee and write the best references papers of his life. What a darling boy. Dare I say though we enjoyed having him around, I wasn't in tears when he went back to college?

Note! Goal for tomorrow, remember to post.
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