Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Parallel Universes along with ending Party Pictures

After this post I have one more with the rest of the Christmas Party pictures and then on to 2009.

Speaking of 2009 the real Lottie's back. We finished some of the soup last night. I was hand washing the pots when I took the stopper out of the sink to let the dishwater out. There on top of the stopper was the little black rubber ring from the blender that I was sure the disposal digested last night. I know I would have noticed the little ring if it had been on the stopper before. This is obviously a plot against me by an inanimate object. This isn't the first time, but you knew that, didn't you?

Years ago, Bob bought a really pretty deep blue color 4 door Jaguar. Pretty Car didn't not like me from day one. I accidently got a little lipstick on the headliner while Pretty Car still smelled new. I swear Pretty Car hated me from that day. Bob was traveling to Hong Kong every other month. First I didn't drive it when he was gone. Pretty Car wouldn't start when he returned, so Bob said, "Could you just drive it once or twice while I'm gone?" Sure. Well, we went from the car misbehaving to simply acting awful. I started to know the AAA people personally. When Bob was home the car behaved like a champion and loved the compliments people bestowed. Turned into a - who does Bob love more contest. That Jag lived with us nearly 4 years and we never made peace. I won, it's gone, but probably plotting as I write this.

Now the garbage disposal seems to taking a strong dislike to me. I suspect, like James Randall, the disposal thinks someone has kidnapped me since I've used the disposal more in the last couple of week than the 15 years we've been in this house. Obviously, this disposal prefers dormancy.

I certainly lost the Jag war. I'm not even going to begin this battle. The blender's little rubber ring coming back from grinder hell is a warning. This time I'll heed the warning. Parallel universes, you know.

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