Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Todd's Camera and Paper Class

I had the hardest time thinking of something to make for Todd's function. Then I remembered, Cynthia gave him a camera (real one) for Christmas. Hopefully, he will like this one and it will bring in a few bucks at auction.

Dropped in at CAC tonight to give the camera to Cynthia. Had another agenda. We want Dan to teach Cynthia, Arlene and me his sculptural paper. Arlene didn't know she wanted this. We were just including her without asking her. We weren't expecting to see her, but she dropped in for a makeup class, and darling that she is, agreed on the spot and the three of us converged on Dan. He was sitting in the welding area with his brand new students lecturing. One thing about Dan, you can interrupt his class if you have hugs and kisses for him. He agreed to the paper class and we assumed we'd be scheduling soon. But Dan says the class requires summer and shorts because you get so wet. Does that sound like a wet t-shirt fantasy class for Dan or what?
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