Thursday, June 5, 2008

Garden Club monthly meeting

Abbie, Dorinda, Katrina, Barb, Jolene, Barbara (the hostess) and Nancy, the Garden Club girls in Barbara's beautiful dining room in front of a most wonderful painting.  Don't the girls look terrific?  I didn't get the full tour since I only stopped in to take this picture for the blog.  They were all in the kitchen when I arrived (fabulous kitchen) and snacking on what looked and smelled like a foodie's idea of heaven.  Tonight was the last meeting before the summer break.  The girls were planning for next year.  I told Barbara to put me in something fun.  Wish I'd had time to take pictures of her beautiful yard.  This is the East Dallas Art Gardens blog after all.  

I had to go back to my own soiree in my back yard.  Karen, charter member of the Hot Flash Art Girls, was teaching the rest of us how to make an armatour.  That's not how you spell armatour, but my spell check is a miserable failure.  We desperately need light weight methods for the totem garden at the State Fair of Texas.  Karen taught us to sculpt in foam and we will take her teachings and run with them.  More on the art totem garden at the State Fair later, but I will let you know Barb will be knitting her totem.   Can't wait for that one.  

One last note, I stopped in Kwik Kar to have my car inspected this afternoon.  The owner was there.  When I introduced myself and thanked him for his support of Forest Hills, he said he hadn't been in the newsletter with his ad in a while and wants to get that started again.  Isn't it amazing people are now asking us?  Neoma said there's a waiting list for ads now.  She's the driving force and all the hard work that puts out our newsletter every month.  I think it's the best thing to happen to our neighborhood.  She's terrific.

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