Monday, September 14, 2009


It's amazing to me that the area where we had Bob's old office is now "Uptown". Back in the day it was just coming out of grungy. Bob had to go to Agel for art supplies today. I talked him into waiting until after I slurried my hearts on my State Fair pieces so I could go with him. I love any form of cement.

Agel's always a several hundred dollar trip, so I may as well go along and get a few goodies.

After, we were looking for a late lunch place. Why bother discussing? Let's go to our old time favorite seafood place S & D Oyster. Bob and I love how the place never changes. I love how S & D looks like every upscale restaurant of my youth in New Iberia, New Orleans and surrounding cities. Talk about comfort food and comfort place. Delicious as usual.
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