Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fabulous Dallas houses

I'm reading The Big Rich, by Bryan Burrough, The Rise and the Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes. Really good read. The Three Families of H.L. Hunt is next.

Front Burner blog keeps me up to date daily. Today I noticed the 100 most expensive homes in Dallas listed and clicked looking for a Hunt House. Wouldn't you love to get invited? Bob and I attended a soiree at the Baron House a while back. I tried to pull a picture off their website for you, couldn't. One of the powder rooms is wallpapered in little tiny shells. I said WALLPAPERED - the little outer room and the powder room itself. I like to mosaic, but that commission would have put me in away. Simply beautiful. I went back 3 times without worrying what people thought about my bathroom habits.

My darling Bob escorted the art girlfriends and me to another soiree at the Rachofsky House. (White house pictured.) The house is magnificent and the art inside and out incredible. If you like to get cozy and snuggle this is not the house for you.

The houses listed on d magazine's blog start at around 45 million and have thousands and thousands of square feet. One listing noted how much water the house used - made me think.

Sen. John Carona's house was listed. How can we get invited to a fund raiser at his house? Be worth it to wander around. OK, I admit I love looking in houses and going to open houses just to see inside. Mount Vernon's on my list, especially after visiting Bella Nora, directly across White Rock Lake. I'll carry your purse if you get an invitation. You'll need to be hands free for all the delicious hors d'oeuvres.

Don't miss Monday's article on I have no idea what the topic will be, probably something made up in my head.

Check out for last year's sculptures at the State Fair of Texas. Soon the new 2009 sculptures will be on.
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