Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Grout Queens.

The Grout Queens came over to save the day today. Cynthia has offered dozens of times to help me finish my two pieces for the State Fair of Texas. Miss Big Shot always said, "No I can handle it." Even after being outside until 4:00 last night.

The Grout Queens called and said they were coming. They knew I wouldn't call them. Thank goodness they barreled their way over. Within 3 hours they were done. I hung around bringing buckets of clean water. Wrapping the pieces in newspaper to keep grout off. Bringing the queens water and ice tea. I offered them some ibuprofin tablets. I've been eating them like candy, but they declined. The hearts were beautiful when they finished grouting. Lynn said, "Grout is your friend." I said, "Grout is not my friend, I have rely on The Grout Queens."

I really can't believe these pieces are nearly done. They told me to go to Home Depot and by a special grout sealer. They left me some 0000 steel wool to clean the glass tiles, then I spray on the sealer, then scrub again. That's tomorrow morning.

Elizabeth is now working for Lynn on Fridays doing estate sales. Let's me make a plug for Lynn's company, Just Let Lynn Do It. She moves people to assisted living centers and other moves, plus wonderful estate sales. Everyone loves her, she let me listen to a voice mail of a customer singing her praises. She will certainly move me. That won't be easy since she'll have to dynamite me out of this neighborhood.

Need I say again, both sisters are The Grout Queens. As Lynn put it so sweetly, "We came in and saved you last year, now it's a tradition." True - but still so appreciated.

We went to Starbucks after, my treat. I had a $100 bill, no purse and no other money. Starbucks couldn't break it. Would you believe the Starbucks girls said, "Just bring us money when you can." How lovely. Course Lynn said, "It's not like they don't know you here." True I am an addict, but still nice. Sissy could change my hundred so I walked back in and paid. What a sisterhood day!

Then Lynn told me about a little turtle who needed a home. Do I have someone for this turtle? Remember Bobbi, the turtle lady? I've already emailed her she has a new baby.

Read about Bobbi and her turtles again:
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