Monday, September 14, 2009

Public Enemies and Cindi's

Bob and I went to see Public Enemies. I know we're a little behind in our movie going, but the rainy day said, "Go to the movies?" Noticed Public Enemies at the dollar movie. We even made it to the (3:45) which meant an actual dollar a ticket not $1.75 for the later movie.

I forgot to sneak in some packaged crackers and a drink. Refuse to pay movie popcorn and drink prices even when the movie is only a dollar. So after we were going thru our usual argument: Where do you want to eat - I don't care - Where do you want to eat - I'll go anywhere you'd like. And on and on. Then Bob suggested a pastrami sandwich at Cindi's. Perfect, but what if they close early on Sunday? We couldn't remember. Drive out there, while dreaming of their mouth watering pastrami sandwich and then the closed sign on? But no, the pastrami gods were with us. And the pastrami was the taste and texture one only dreams about.

I harassed the owner of Cindi's for years to open in Casa Linda. Now we have The Broken Egg which is nice, but no pastrami sandwiches. She missed out, but we all missed out more.
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