Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Barb and John's spice life

Barb emailed me after I admitted I didn't make The Mansion soup. Get ready for this:

I read your blog and want you to know we have a lifetime supply of saffron. John's daughter sent us a $50.00 gift certificate to Zingerman's a few years ago and John spent the whole amount on SARFFRON! We can gladly spare a 1/4 teaspoon! You know you can always count on us for strange and unusual ingredients!

Only Barb. I'm going to call her and pick up some saffron tomorrow on the way home from Mom's. What do you bet she's made the soup and on to other recipes already.

You know Mother has dementia, but old memories are good for her. So I'll be telling her about trying out the recipe now that Barb's giving me saffron.

First I'll get the look. Then I can tell you her response, "My Darling Lottie Kate, you've tried and tried. You have absolutely not talent for cooking. Bob doesn't mind that you don't cook. Your child managed to grow up healthy on McDonald's happy meals. Your aunts and I can't figure out why you don't leave a good thing alone? It would be best for all." How sad is that?

But Bob is not that lucky and for some reason I keep trying. One of Bob's best friends always give me cooking lessons when we visit him in Malibu. His motto for me is, "If you can weld, you can cook." Well, not yet, Daniel. Guess we need to come out for another visit/cooking lesson.

Here's a picture of Load #2 pea gravel I had to unload today and spread in the area Andie wants my new fountain. She and Cynthia came over at 7:00 this morning to meet my yard guys and tell them where to move stuff. I could hardly get out of bed after all the shoveling yesterday. Then Miss Bubbly Morning Person shows up and even calm sweet Cynthia had had her java and was happy. I hate happy bubbly people, but I really hate happy bubbly people at ungodly hours like 7:00 am. When they FINALLY left about 7:00 I went back to bed and stayed until 11:00. Thank goodness tho I'm married to a morning person he's quiet. He even sends out early emails with no sound. What a prince.

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