Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tic Tac Hearts

Here's the beginning of my State Fair piece I'm going to put in the Museum Fountain garden bed. You know I call this the Bob Minick Fountain because it's just one of Bob's wonderful designs at the Fair. I took them to Crosslink McKinney powder coaters and they colored my metal green, orange and purple. I'm going to put a mosaic heart in the middle of each tic tac toe and name the piece Tic Tac Hearts.
My totem is stacking tic tac toes like these.

One more piece will go in the Discovery Gardens where we had the butterfly release Thursday night.

While we were wandering around the Women's Expo I showed Andie and Cynthia this moving rock piece I'd love to make into a giant piece. I doubt if I can figure it out by Sculpture Show install date, but you never know.

Did anyone try those butterfly recipes I recommended last post? Who knew this could turn into a cooking blog.

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