Friday, September 11, 2009

Forest Hills Garden Club

The Forest Hills Garden Club kicked off the new year at Barb's house last night and we look fabulous as you can see here. Barb and Abbie provided delicious food including Barb's recently won State Fair of Texas blue ribbon salsa made with her giant cucumbers like the one Judy's holding. This was Cynthia's first meeting. I know she wants to be a member, but it didn't hurt her first meeting was at Barb's. She's been hearing about John and Barb's house forever. I graciously invited John to come with me to give the tour of his house. John is only official Garden Club Guy.

After business part of the program Barb explained how she preserves flowers and leaves and showed us examples of her framed and in progress pieces. She even makes cards with pressed flowers. One, a large caladium leaf looks almost antiqued.

Maggie, first on the left, visited because she wants to start a garden club in her neighborhood. along with our Animal Alert program, I guess we are becoming a prototype for garden clubs, too. As Barb, our heart of the garden club says, "We're not your mother's garden club."
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