Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Barb and Oprah

Barb called while I was out in the rain mosaicing my hearts. Then she emailed the following to the garden club. I've emailed it to the world.

Well, not Oprah herself but one of her producers called a while ago to ask me if I was the Barbara Michaels who grew the large Texas sized cucumbers! The article that Lottie wrote for the examiner a few weeks back somehow made it to the folks at Harpo! Seems they are thinking about doing a show about the Texas State Fair - they would come here and do the show onsite. She said they had heard that the fair was a lot of fun - she even knew about the fried butter. I certainly encouraged her to "come on down"!

She wanted to know all about our garden club and wanted to know if anyone else grew large vegetables. I had her call Mike Schmitt. Can you think of anyone else who had an unusual veggie this year? I think it is that Texas thing about growing the biggest! I told her about the sculpture garden at the fair and Lottie and about my blue ribbon for the relish. She asked how many times I will go to the fair and I said at least three times - with my grandchildren, my knitting friends, and my garden club! We will see if they show up. What fun that would be! Isn't the interent amazing????


Here is the famous article by Lottie if you haven't read it!

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