Monday, September 21, 2009

Installation day at the State Fair

We installed a bunch of artists today. Most who needed forklifts were installed last week. Totems were the art of the day. Had big time fun. Last year was different because we had all 45 artists show up on one night. Because I email to me and bcc all the artists everyone was excited to see artists they didn't know were participating. Of course this year, we have only 3 artists who couldn't make it and the new artists most everyone knew. So though there wasn't the surprise, there was the fun. Some installed easily and some had problems and frustrations, but all got installed and we are looking fabulous.

I took 53 pictures. Spent way too much time finally getting them in an album on my website. I know there's a way to put a slide show or album on, but Miss Computer Stupid can't figure that out tonight. So check my website for cool pictures on the last page of the site - Albums 2.

Cynthia and Andie, my Installer Queens got there early since I had an Arboretum meeting. Everything was under control when I got there. Oh, those efficient Queens.

Rebecca, a dear as always. Saw a flash of Rusty. Guess he knew we had it under control, or knew Rebecca did. Tomorrow we get everyone else installed and State Fair of Texas, here we come.

Here's my piece - Tic Tac Heart - located in the museum fountain across from the Old Mill Restaurant. Really should be called the Bob Minick fountain. As Cynthia, Andie and I were leaving it was all lit up with the twinkle lights. Bob's designed a lot of great things at the State Fair and other amusement parks, but I love that fountain best, especially at night.

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