Saturday, September 19, 2009

3:00 am rants

It's 3:00 am and I'm waiting for a process to dry a bit before going back outside to my shop and more work. While I'm working I'm figuring out excuses for why I'll be the only person on the list of artists who doesn't have a piece in the sculpture show.

I'm a blithering idiot. I know the State Fair of Texas begins the last week of September. Happens every year no matter what. February is perfect welding weather. Am I out there making a piece for the Fair? Nope, putzin' around day dreaming while rummaging through my metal, pretending I'm cleaning up my shop and the back yard. Not.

This year I planned to do 3 pieces. I did finish one. But Bob was out of town and instead of waiting for his return to ask him out to make this piece move I decided to plow ahead. It moves, a little. Here's the cute part, you can lift up the moving part and take it home with you as a parting gift from the Fair. Had Bob been home and I asked him how to make this piece move, he would have figured out how it could move. But Bob would think ahead and design the piece someone walking by could NOT lift up and take home. So scratch that piece for the Fair.

The other two pieces I kept putting off finishing because of the rain. Like metal melts? Like I melt?

Earlier tonight Bob said, "Take a break, perhaps clean up a bit and I'll take you to Mi Cocina." Great, except clean up a "bit?" - I needed someone to hose me down. The restaurant was busy, but we were seated pretty fast. When I squeezed the lemon for my ice tea every cut on my hands from days of cutting glass SCREAMED. The rest of the evening was lovely. Home and back to glass cutting. I spend nearly as much time cleaning up blood as cutting glass.

Now here I sit waiting. Do you know what's on TV at 3:00 am? Infomercials. What's scary is I think I really might need that weird curling iron with the red light inside it. Maybe I better go back outside. Night night
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