Friday, September 25, 2009

Nuns at the Fair

So sweet Juli stays with me till the very end tonight. Only two signs left to place are for my guitar pieces at the Women's Museum garden. Sweet Juli drives me there in her car. We put the sign up while lots of women exit the museum. See here's one of Texas' great flaws. They don't make nuns dress up like penguins like they do in South Louisiana and Europe. When we're in Europe, Ronnie, knowing I'm afraid of nuns, always says out of the side of his mouth, "Penguins on your left flank". I glance over and see black and white coming towards me and turn and run.

Tonight when we were told they were all nuns, I wanted to run. Even tho raised Methodist in New Iberia, on Tuesdays mornings we had catachism (sp?) during public shool hours. Not the best behaved student, my knuckles took about a week to heal from the rapping and then catachism (?) class again. The Methodist may have been a boring lot, but no one every rapped me.

Anyway, Juli wants to explain to the nuns how much they love her. I'm like screaming in my head, GET IN THE CAR JULIE, they probably have hidden rulers in their pockets. She starts to tell them again and I did scream GET IN THE CAR JULIE. Then she wants to tell me about her and the nuns, not knowing my phobia. I love her, but I'm going to have to make her a list of things that scare me and explain - we don't stand our ground when I'm scared - WE RUN.

A dear friend once told me, we can blame all that religion swirling together when we were little on the way we turned out. I really like that.
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