Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soup is smooth perfection

Two out of three times when Barb serves one of her creations at her house or brings something to a gathering we all go crazy over it and ask about the recipe. Sometimes she'll say, "got the recipe out of the newspaper".

This Thursday's paper had a corn and saffron soup from The Mansion sous-chef, Eric Brandt. Sounds delicious, Bob and I love soup and we had the tiny weeny cold snap, so I decided to try the recipe.

To Tom Thumb. We have shopping choices, but where is anyone as nice to us as Tom Thumb? Plus, Starbucks is almost next door, a perfect excuse to get the pumpkin frappicino with extra whipped cream they only serve this time of year.

I asked several people about a couple of ingredients - saffron threads and poblano pepper. Got the pepper, no problem, but couldn't find the saffron threads. Went back one last time to seasonings and a lady was stocking the seasonings and of course knew saffron threads.. She found it and went, Whoa! Before you take it, it's $18.95. The jar looked like it had two are three little sprigs of ??? inside. Nope. Well, of course this why it's a Mansion dish. Going to try it tonight - sans saffron threads.

I happened to have the TV on earlier. Jan told me Julia Child is on PBS on Saturdays so I searching for Julia Child. She and I are becoming so close. Would you believe she was making soups with that little guy and she put in saffron threads? Did I tell you we're buds?

For the recipe go to: Dallas Morning News and type in - Soup is smooth perfection. If 3 or 4 of us do this we could split an $18.95 jar of saffron threads.

After a year of serving this to Bob once a week, I'll feel comfortable enough to invite Barb and John over for a bowl. Check out Barb's blog to learn more about her giant cucumbers.
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