Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just finished The Big Rich. Great book. Years ago I read The Three Families of H.L. Hunt. Pretty fascinating. I got both by requesting them from the Dallas Public Library. Requesting the latest books or any book is such a treat. I once requested a book by a lady in waiting to the last Czarina of Russia. The book had been out of print for years. Took a while, but the library found it. Another great read. I'm especially fond of biographies.

Now I'll start reading James Lee Burke's Rain Gods. One of my favorite all time authors, again a Dallas Public Library requested book.

But I'm worried. With the city cutting back the library hours they are obviously cutting back on funds for new books, too. I requested John Sandford's latest, Rough Country and Michael Connelly's latest, Nine Dragons. They showed zero of zero available. Not good.

Requesting books is such a treat. I hope the library funds are the last to be cut. Maybe someone will start a petition.
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