Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm starting to dream about this keyboard, because I don't think it will ever be finished and the State Fair of Texas due date is now in countdown.  I'd like to whine and blame my slow pace on the weather, but since I've lived here forever that's kind of a lame excuse.  At least the two guitars for "Randall's Music Garden" are finished.  

On a sad note, Randall's best friend, Derek, lost his grandmother last night.  Mimi and I had great relationship.  The first time I met Mimi, she thought I was Ann, mother of the "good" friend of Derek's, not the rogue (Randall).  The boys were in first grade and Derek had spent the weekend with Mimi.  Mimi went on and on about Derek's ragamuffin clothes and shoes.  She'd had to take him clothes shopping just so she could take him to church Sunday without being embarrassed.  Mimi went on and on about the holes in the bottom of Derek's shoes.  I waited for her to take a breath and then said, "Jeez, Mimi, Randall has holes in his shoes, how come you didn't take him to get new shoes?"  Remember this was our first time to meet.  Mimi, impeccably dressed in St. John, Neiman Marcus makeup and helmit hair that wouldn't budge in Katrina, was simply SHOCKED and thought I was after her money.  

Our boys went to Lakehill, I know snooty snooty (and you can imagine how I fit in).  Mimi never missed an award ceremony, play, or any parental event.  I never missed an opportunity to tell people as her grandson's best friend's Mom, I'm her favorite.  Mimi was too polite to tell the snoots she thought I was insane. Finally, Mimi's sense of humor overcame her "What Will These People Think" syndrome and by the time the boys hit high school, she would introduce me and laugh with everyone else when I would tell them I'm Mimi's favorite.   Finally wore the old girl down and we had lots of laughs.  

Mimi married 5 times and every time the guy was richer and all of them nice.  She managed to do this without a whacked sense of humor like me.  Gotta love her.  May you have lots of laughs in Heaven, dear Mimi.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

State Fair of Texas Artist - Chris

Here's Chris, featured sculpture artist for today.  He is so talented and busy with work and his art.  I thought I'd have to walk over to his house and beg him to be in the State Fair of Texas sculpture show.  Before I could get to the whining part, he just said yes.  What a coo (is that a word?) for me!  Chris is also on the White Rock Lake Artist's Studio Tour which is October 18 and 19.  I knew he'd be overwhelmed and can't believe he agreed so quickly.  His piece will be spectacular.

Here's the sad part.  I can't figure out a way to get his wife, Carol, in the show.  Carol is an artist in the kitchen.  My darling Bob had to go to Moscow for a week about 10 years ago.  He lived on beets.  Beets as soup, beets as meat, beets as vegetable, beets as dessert, and he was eating in "5 star?" restaurants.  He swore he'd never eat beets again.  Chris and Carol have us over for dinner one night.  She serves beets.  Bob's wolfs them down, told her they were delicious and then asks what he just ate.  Carol didn't know Bob had a giant fear of beets.  I'm going to work on how to turn her creations into a piece of sculpture for next year's show.  Perhaps bronze some of her beets?  No, I see them in a mosaic creation.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

State Fair of Texas Art Show Featured Artist

Glass artist Virginia, is my featured State Fair of Texas totem artist today.  She showed me an eight foot tall tree log she is going to use for her totem.  She's making special "Virginia" glass pieces to depict earth, wind, fire, etc.  I can only imagine how beautiful and spiritual this piece will be.  But we don't have to imagine.  From Friday September 26th thought October 19th you can visit her vision at the Totem Garden in front of the lagoon during the duration of the State Fair of Texas.   Don't miss the Totem Garden and the Sculpture Garden during the Stat Fair.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mosaic Birdbath

With so much to do for the State Fair sculpture show and the White Rock Lake Artist's Studio Tour, why not take a little time out and tile a birdbath?  JoAnn gave me this during her last garage sale.  Concrete white is not my favorite, so I added a little color.  

The birdbath sits next to my glass kiln. Behind the kiln I hung a mirror.  Mr. and Mrs. Redbird, who are permanent residents of our backyard, love to fuss fuss fuss with the Mr. and Mrs. Redbird who look exactly like them in the mirror.  When they are not fussing or pooping all over the top of my kiln, they're drinking or bathing in their new mosaic bath.  

Friday, August 22, 2008

Frog Season

It's FROG SEASON.  Last night before we were at the end of the first block on the BlackJack walk, I found this little frog.  Smallest I've ever captured.  For some reason I always find them in the first block so I have to carry them the rest of the walk.  Not a heavy load, but they usually immediately pee all over my  hand.  A small price to pay to save them from road kill.  They don't realize while having a heart attack in my hand that they will be living the good life in my back yard very soon with no worry of road kill.  This little guy is the first frog ever to not pee.  Hence he's now a star on the blog.

Bob swears when it's FROG SEASON the minute we open the front door for the BlackJack walk the frogs quit singing "Ribit" and start singing "Mrs. Minick".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

State Fair of Texas Art Show

Here we go.  Sissy, Lynn and Andrew working on their totem for this year's State Fair of Texas art show.  The theme for this year's Fair is the 5 senses and this piece they are working on is touch ( a big thumb).  I hope to give you pictures in progress of this wonderful totem.  

At last count I had 26 totem artists and 24 sculpture artists.  That's not an accurate count for the pieces since some artists are doing totems and sculpture pieces.  

Today I rode with Rusty and Rebecca while we looked at sites.  The totem garden will be in front of the lagoon with "sculptor's way" going from there to the museum walk through fountain Bob designed.  

I'm hoping this show will be spectacular, but most important to prove it's success, pieces sell.

The State Fair starts September 26.  We are in countdown.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Art doings

Jay and I went to the new animal shelter on Westmoreland to pick up our art pieces and Cynthia's.  Here we are delivering Cynthia's piece to her.  One would think she'd be appreciative enough to let me take her full face picture.  Jay was really good taking me with him to get his bells.  He took down my dragonfly (no easy feat).  You can see the dragonfly upside down totally exhausted in the back of the truck.  Now that Hardy and Mel are not my art installers (thank you very much) I'm fortunate to have Jay.  And for Jay's sake I'll be welding more manageable pieces.  Jay also explained how I can mount the dragonfly on the big tree stump in our front yard.  How cool will that be?  I may not have a great garden, but I can say I do attract dragonflies.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Forest Hills Town Meeting

The Forest Hill Town meeting was last night at Sanger Elementary.  We thank Dr. Allen and his his new assistant, Jessica, for the use of the auditorium.


     Jessica and Dr. Allen                                                                  Brenda and Bill

                              Dorinda                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Karen and Edwin

                                                                                                                                                      Shelly and Lottie

    Bill, Tamela and Chris

                             Bill, Andie and Luanne

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Randall's Music Garden, continued

Here's the second guitar for 

Randall's Music Garden

at the State Fair of Texas.  Slowly but surely in this horrible heat, I'm making progress.  As a note, these pieces will be in the walk through fountain on Grand Avenue by the Old Mill Restaurant.  Bob designed the fountain to have semi circle raised garden beds and soaring flagpoles with flags advertising the museums in Fair Park.  Bob's design and a tribute to our son and his music - works for me.  As I asked Rusty, "This is my fountain for as long as I'm putting art in the garden, right?"  He said, "Right."

Thank goodness for this little break in the weather.  I'll be making armatures for more pieces in the garden.  I'm afraid to look at the State Fair web site.  I know they have a count down to opening day down to the seconds.  I'll panic if I see it in print.