Friday, May 30, 2008

Arboretum Sale - Jay Silber, Artist

Blacksmith, Jay Silber, sold one of his pieces featured in the TSA Arboretum Sculpture Show yesterday.  He called to see if he could take his pieces out early.  I said sure and when he explained why, I zoomed over.  Sure enough the lady was there with the check and Jay only took one of his pieces home.  I forgot my camera, but I'll bet if you to on his website, there's pictures of his beautiful gazing ball forged piece.  I hope she places it where the sun will shine through the glass, it will have an entirely different look different times of the day.

I did have my camera in my purse last night for the TSA board meeting.  Jay had the check with him so I snapped a picture.  Bet you can't find that on his web site.

Congratulations, Jay!  

Last of Parade Photos??

This might be the last of the Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade photos.   I didn't mark which ones I posted so now I'm confused, but that's a permanent state of mine for me.  

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hot Flash Art Girl, Jan's Birthday Party @ Glass Class

Wednesday was Jan's birthday.  Jan is a charter member of the Hot Flash Art Girls.  Cynthia brought this chocolate inside chocolate cake.  The picture just shows the remaining white chocolate flower.  Tiara for Jan, plus wine, grapes, bananas, lots of glass to fuse - all the makings for a great Hot Flash Art Girls along with other glass girlfriends.  It's late so I'll come back later with names, just going to put the pictures on for you to enjoy right now.

Back to the Garden Tour

Here's a few photos of people buying my art.  Some I didn't even know.  Jamie, you snuck out with the glass piece before I could get your picture.  

Alice and Betty with their new new earrings, Angie buying her second sculpture and others.  I made this lovely couple who bought two pieces kiss behind their pieces.  They could be my new lucky charms - buy a Lottie sculpture and get kissed.  

Wish the earring tree showed up better.  If anyone has empty Sky Vodka bottles, I'm your recycler.  I cut them into circles, fuse them down and they are the earrings for the tree.

Cynthia, I don't know why I don't have pictures on my camera of people buying your pieces?  We won't fire the camera person, she'll just do better.

Thank you, Arlene, for the metal for the cactus piece.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yes, still more Memorial Day Parade Pictures

Hi Patty!

And finally the Moran family standing upright.  Thank goodness I took one picture of them with the camera going the way IT wanted to go.  All these machines have lives of their own and some are out to get me.  But at least I'm not paranoid.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Continuing Memorial Day Parade Pictures

Women Who Weld and Dan

When Barb suggest I start a blog, I came up with this great name, Women Who Weld.  My darling friend, Hardy, who set up my blog said, "Women Who Weld, great name for the 3 women who will read it."  Oh.  

Hardy approved of East Dallas Art Gardens, but I thought you'd like to see the 3 Women Who Weld as seen in class with our teacher tonight, Dan.  Might not be easy to see, but in honor of Staci (of Robert Bellamy Designs) I'm wearing fabulous fake dangle diamond earrings.  I was going to wear my tiara, but I can't find it.

Next Saturday Cynthia and I close down our sculpture show at the Arboretum.  I'll get pictures of her piece and Arlene's so you can see results from Women Who Weld.

Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade, May 24, 2008

THANK YOU Forest Hills Residents for participating in the 
Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade, BBQ & Music Event.

Forest Hills Neighborhood Association was proud to support the Memorial Day Holiday with our Veteran Honoree's: 

Mr. Houston James, Pearl Harbor Survivor
Mr. Nolan Sifford, retired Airforce
Mr. Robert Ford, WWII retired Airforce Colonel

Special Thanks To Our Event Sponsors:

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Keller

Skip and Susan Erlbacher

Silver $500 Contributors

Texas State Senator John Carona
Vicki White, Ellen Terry Realtors

Registration Sponsors @ $200

Taddy's Pet Service

Personal Contribution

Kelly Kemp - Jump House

Mark and Katrina Moran

Thanks to those who contributed to Forest Hills Fund Raiser ($300 raised)


Dallas Fire Station - EN 21B
Lt. Steve Maddox, Kinya Blackwell, Oscar Martinez & Warren Parker

Forest Hills Off Duty Officer David De Tamble


Parade Honoree's

Forest Hills Neighborhood Association was proud to support the Memorial Day Holiday
with our Veteran Honoree's:

From the left to right:
Mr. Houston James, Pearl Harbor Survivor
Mr. Nolan Sifford, Retired Airforce
Mr. Robert Ford, WWII Retired Airforce Colonel


sideways Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade pictures

Katrina and Mark, why won't you guy straighten up?  Heaven knows I've worked long and hard to try to get you upright.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tamela and the Men Who Keep Us Safe

Tamela is the powerhouse who put our Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade together.  We thank her and her team for all their hard work.  Tamela solicited sponsors, parade volunteers, followed through and made the parade a tribute to our three World War II veterans and all veterans.  I knew when she was reporting her work on the parade at the last board meeting she had everything under control and this would be a great event.  For all who supported Tamela in her GREAT ENDEAVOR, thank you.  And we all thank you, Tamela.

Lakewood People and The Garden Tour

A friend dropped by this morning with several extra Lakewood People newspapers.  I was looking through Sarah's article and pictures again and thought I'd put some more garden tour pictures on.  Don't worry there are still more parade pictures to come.  That's our son, Randall, in the incredible tree house in this garden.  I could live there, thought I might have to install screen and air conditioning.  How hot is it outside today anyway?  How's a person suppose to weld in this weather?   I should have gotten up at 5:00 am, but it's a holiday.  Enjoy the garden tour pictures and look for more parade pictures.  Happy Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Forest Hills Memorial Day continuing Parade pictures

Watch the Forest Hills monthly newsletter for more pictures.

Check out the Forest Hills neighborhood newsletter "The Reporter" for more.