Monday, May 12, 2008

The Hearts of the Garden Tour

Here they are the "Hearts of the Garden Tour", Donna and Jeff Mason.

I asked Donna to give me a little background on how the tour started and here's what she sent.

Jeff and I had attended a small garden tour in Oak Cliff that was very simply presented and I thought we could do something like that here in Lt. Forest Hils at the time. I had met Jim Witter, Casa Linda, and threw the idea out to him with LFH and CLE doing a tour together. He thought it a good idea and presented it to the CLE neighborhood group. I did the same in LFH. Everyone thought it was a good idea but no one would step up to have their garden on the tour in LFH, so the first year CLE did it alone. LFH stepped back into the picture the following year with Jim supervising CLE and I doing LFH. We teamed up with Art in the Park for several years and when that went by the wayside we continued on our own again. Jim has stepped in and out several times over the years, health issues and such. Dione Lineberry help co-ordinate for a few years, but it seemed that I was the most constant member of the planning group. It's the eighth year of the tour and I have been co-ordinating for 7 of those years. Jeff did not get involved too much the first few years but he has been a great help and support for the last several.
As you know, the tour has grown and morphed into something very special because of the great ideas and dedication of all the members of the planning committee.

Look for this story in this Saturday's Neighbors To Go
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