Monday, October 20, 2008

more White Rock Lake Artist Studio Tour pictures

Today was takeout for the State Fair.  I took some pictures, but I can't find my camera.  Here's some continuing Tour pictures.  Top picture is Lynn and Cissy.  I know Cissy doesn't understand why I continue to misspell her name.  I must tell her someday I have a friend who's real name is Cissy.  My other Cissy couldn't decide on a name for her daughter, so on the daughter's birth certificate the name is No Name.  We call her Noni.  I've always thought I'm the same size as (pictured) Cissy and want her clothes.  Finally, Lynn and Cissy convinced me we're not the same size.  I'm wondering where that puts me on Cissy's list of who gets her clothes.  Of course you remember my dear Lynne, my "good" son's godmother.   Next picture - the purple girls.  That's Kate, one of my most amazing artists at the Fair.  Last picture, Janice and Kathy.  I have a year to work on them for the Fair next year.  

I must tell you for once our back yard looked nice.  After 15 years finally got it cleaned up a bit.  I can squint and pretend it's a lovely garden, with art mixed in.  Course you do have to squint.

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