Thursday, October 30, 2008



And I deserved it.  Did any other party goer spend two HOURS putting on fabulous eyelashes?  Did any other party goer have to sit quietly for another hour waiting for the tears to wash the eyelash glue out of her eyes?  I suffered torment to become the Spider Woman who won BEST COSTUME.  Oh, and my alter ego "Flash" forgot her camera.  David, our favorite police officer, pulled in and I talked him into escorting me home to get my camera.  So perfect because when we returned there were a lot more party goers and I got to make an exit from the back of the patrol car in full fabulous (did I mention fabulous?) costume.  There were a few others who looked pretty good, I admit.  I would have been worried if Judy Whalen was still there for the costume judging.  I'll have pictures of her and other party goers in future postings.  I see no reason to have competition on this post.  This is all about me.  I won a $25 gift certificate to Starbucks.  $25 is six medium sized green tea frappicinos with extra whipped cream.  Sometimes they put my drink in a large size glass and add as much whipped cream as the big cup will allow.  Those are the days I know I've done something nice for someone and the karma is coming back to me.  I find it hard to sit still in the car to get to my next stop after all that sugar, but that's a small sacrifice.  

This summer Martha Dawn told me life's too short to give up ice cream.  I took her at her word and now keep Blue Bell mint chocolate chip in the freezer.  I stuff as much as I can in a large coffee cup once a day and savor every bite.  You know I really really try not to have the mint chocolate chip on the days I have the green tea frappicino with extra whipped cream.   But some things in life are just too hard.  The days the Starbucks folks put my green tea frappicino in the large cup and there's as much whipped cream as there is green tea frappicino I try extra hard not to have that mint chocolate chip ice cream, but does Spider Woman give up that one extra bug in her web?  I think not.

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