Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy Day at the State Fair

Pictures are of Cynthia's flamingo, Marty's totem and suppose to be Barbara's big ball. For some reason the second picture I choose for the blog is not getting on right. I love the swan in the background with Cynthia's flamingo. When the light is right the pieces of glass on the flamingo's neck sparkle like you can't believe. I find something new each time I examine Marty's totem. I think it speaks of calm.

Today is a rain day at the State Fair. I'm meeting someone out there at 3:00 so maybe the rain will pause for a moment. We're receiving a nice slow gentle rain and certainly need it. May it continue a while. I'll bring my camera and maybe catch drops of water on some of the sculpture pieces.

Over the weekend I made some pieces for the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour which will be Saturday and Sunday, October 18 and 19. They are stands to put a stem glass in. My idea keeping track of rain. I'd put one out right now to catch rain, but I want to see about powder coating them in wild colors. They will stay clean in my studio till then. Glad I welded Saturday and Sunday since it's very hard for me to weld in the rain. This rain will give me a chance to sit indoors today and get my list of friends who are helping me with the tour together. I want them to only be here a couple of hours so they can go out and enjoy the tour.
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