Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bob and Me at the State Fair of Texas

Bob had to run out to the Fair tonight.  I said I'd love to go if he would take a little time from meeting with people and walk around with me.  He agreed so off we went.  Here's a picture of Errol and Bob.  Errol's wife, Sandy and I are going to have a big anniversary party in a few years when Errol and Bob have known each other 50 years.  Why not?  Can you imagine the guest list?  Then a picture of Linda and me.  I can never be around Linda without thinking of her brother Bob.  I simply adored him and still miss him.

Here's only a few pictures of some of Bob's designs.  It was getting late, so the other pictures didn't turn out great.  I love the arches Bob designed and the coupon booths.  Among my favorite.  I love going to the Fair with new friends and say, "Bob designed that, Bob designed that."  Old friends beat me to it and point out Bob's designs to me and the group before I can.  When James Randall was growing up every year he took pictures of Bob's new designs and old designs.  His pictures made a nice journal of Bob's work.  I still can't get over seeing the drawings on Bob's drawing board (now his computer) and then going out to the Fair and there they are in person.  Bob does so much work out of state and overseas there's a lot he's done I haven't seen.  But here are his drawing come to life at the Great State Fair of Texas.
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