Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still my birthday!

Here we are still together after all these years celebrating my birthday. We're on the patio at Patrizio, Highland Park Village. You know we don't travel beyond Northpark and certainly not past I-635. Ivan our terrific waiter knew he was in trouble when we couldn't decide on our drink order - OK, Lorie couldn't decided between a Cosmo and Bellini. With the usual aplomb of everyone at Patrizio, he rolled with us and ended up having as much fun as we did I hope. Don't get me started on the my delicious crab cakes and cappacino pie. I can't remember how long we've been patrons, almost since day one and the constency of the food is amazing. We are always treated like family. Is it any wonder we're addicted?

Evan, the most wonderful manager of Patrizio, sent each of us a flute of champagne and gave us big hugs when we left. Thank you, Evan. We toasted friends, enemies, accomplishments, disappointments and most of all - us. We are the original "Fabulous Girls in the City" without the Manolo Blahnik's. May we continue to celebrate at Patrizios as long as our decidedly undesigner flats can walk us in there. Someone else can worry about us walking out.
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