Sunday, October 11, 2009

Southern Artisans Market at the Arboretum this weekend

Dreary wet weather (I personally love it) but not the best for an art show or fall festival. But the Southern Artisans Market went off without a hitch at the Dallas Arboretum this weekend. And I can tell you why. Joy and all the wonderful people who worked this weekend. My job as show chair was to schmooze with the artists. Every single one of them complimented Joy and the staff. They told me again and again, no other venue treats the artists like the folks at the Arboretum. And they were quality artists with wonderful pieces.

I don't know whether Joy reminds everyone or they just sense it, but they all seem to understand I live in LottieWorld and they let me think the Arboretum's mine and I can play ultimate hostess to my heart's content.

You know I've been the Arboretum liaison for Forest Hills so long, if they ever took my board position away from me, I'd be crushed. Who said some board positions aren't for a lifetime? I didn't get invited to the Oprah show at the State Fair, (I am crushed) but hey, I had a great weekend at the Arboretum.

Lumbie Mlambo, owner/publisher of Equanimity Magazine, shown pictured with Joy came out today. She loved the Arboretum and the art show. She's going to let me write a column "Spotlight on Artist" and of course I'll be writing about the Southern Artisans Market and in a few months Artscape at the Arboretum.

Hopefully, you're keeping up with my articles about "sculptures running amuck" at the State Fair of Texas. I can't remember the direct url so go to and click on "read my articles" on the first page.
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