Friday, October 9, 2009

Forest Hills Garden Club Field Trip to the State Fair of Texas - Part 1

Big time fun with the Forest Hills Garden Club, voted best in the U.S. by the garden club girls. Hot muggy day, but we were brave and strong. Note Mary tagging a butterfly. I was taking pictures so not paying a lot of attention, but the guy was saying how these tags weigh almost nothing, of course that's important and contain all kinds of information, even email. Kinda fascinating. This was in the Discovery Garden where butterflies and hummingbirds rule in this beautiful garden setting. Lots of the girls hadn't seen this part of the Fair.

This was before we lost Josephine. The horrible part is we didn't notice for 45 minutes. Every time I think of her sitting on the curb by the coupon booth waiting for us to come back and find her I feel like a terrible mother who lost her child and didn't notice. Course the other girls didn't notice either. We all know I'm flaky, what's their excuse?
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