Monday, October 26, 2009

Cosmetics Dallas Debbie

This is Darling Debbie of Cosmetics Dallas. Look at her and you see why I put my face in her hands. Out of lots of stuff so decided to brave a pretty hard rain and drive to the World Trade Center to see her. What does this have to do with gardens? Her showroom is a "garden" of fertilizers, mulch, etc., for faces. Debbie has so much patience, I could never "cultivate" clients like she does.

Also stopped in to see Sissy and Mike. Sissy, of course, takes full credit for last night's article: Read it and give Sissy all the credit. She wants residuals now. I'll show her my profits and she'll realize she needs to subsidize me.

Forgot to take a picture of Sissy and Mike, a shame since you could actually walk through their showroom. Usually it's chock-a-block. Would have had a nice background.

Going to close so I can work on my first issue for Equanimity Magazine - a real paper magazine. I'm so impressed.
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