Sunday, October 18, 2009

First day of White Rock Lake Artisans' Studio Tour

Big time fun at the White Rock Lake Artisans' Tour at my studio. Josephine and Delores were my morning help. Slow early, but then toward lunch we started getting steady. Melanie walked in with them most incredible cake that said, "Happy Birthday to the Queen of Everything". Is she the best. We told Debbie and Lorie, the rest of the afternoon help the story of how Melanie and I started the "Redhead Mom's" club at Lakehill. They were always a bit scared of us. The cake went so far as to offer a piece to people we knew coming in. Simply delicious.

Brad and Bethany came the last hour and hung out I had to throw them out. No time now to mention those who showed up, but really a great party in the back yard.

Then to Juli's for her birthday party. Found out it was also a surprise party for me, see second round cake, delicious. You should have seen Juli's cake. The bakers did the icing as one of her mosaics, talk about art! Wonderful party, so many people there I adore, but so tired and still had Instigator Totem Revealed to go home and write to had to leave a bit early.

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