Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Patrizio's birthday lunch pictures

Can you believe I forgot my camera for this lunch? Lorie remembered hers so now I must beg for the picture of her and me. I'll get it somehow. So here's me and Ms. Stearns and me and Michelle on the patio at Patrizios.

Mel came over yesterday morning to return my grinder. Our guy friends borrow my power tools, how cool is that? Mel, of course, was one of the topics of conversation at lunch. Juicy.

Bob and I went to Sushi on McKinney last night. I don't know if you know it's back open just a couple of doors down from where it use to be. The old building is now Chipotle. Everyone's the same except Hiroki is at a restaurant up north somewhere in Carrollton. When Monte came to town we went and all 3 agreed it's the best ever. Who'd think my best sushi buddies would be from Fort Worth and they were eating sushi with me when there was only one sushi restaurant in town.

James Randall came home for lunch today, but as usual that turned into a late lunch. I was going to see The September Issue with Jan, Cynthia and at the Angelika this afternoon, so Bob, James Randall and I went for a Starbucks before I went to the movie and they went to Buzzbrews for lunch.
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