Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mad Cow and QVC

I was going to rant about how much I hate hauling pea gravel. Today I finished my 6th Mad Cow load and
As God is my witness, I'll never shovel pea gravel again, Miss Scarlett.

But I've had QVC on TV while writing tonight's Examiner.com article. There's this guy named Nick Chavez of Nick Chavez Beverly Hills. He looks just like a model on a trashy romance novel. He's saying thank you as the program ends and starting to cry. But I gotta tell you I need his products. The models he sprayed all his stuff on looked fantastic.

Usually the only products on the shopping networks I drool over are the tools that let you build castles in the sky. But oh, these products. If Nick Chavez would come to my house and personally pout the products on my hair - I'd buy all his products.

Oh, GET READY, The Nadri Jewelry collection guys is on now. Is he the guy that sells the knock off Jackie Kennedy jewelry? It's already 1:00 am, I'll stay up for you and find out.
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