Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Garden tour and wine

Started out the day at the State Fair taking pictures of sculptures close up. Way too many pictures so I have to try to sort out before putting on my website. Kind of a cloudy day so the pictures don't have sunlight to make them sparkle. Put info in my tube and out of town artists. Weather was muggy with sunlight when I left.

Home a quick bite to eat then then called to see if the Landscape Nazi wanted to go pick up my 5th load of pea gravel. Of course she did. Revved up Mad Cow and we're off. We decided on Sonic after - limeade for her, root beer float for me. Well I'd be unloading the gravel by myself and working it off.

Got most of gravel out of the truck and cleaned up for Forest Hills board meeting at Times Ten Cellars Lovely place, good meeting, short and to the point. We all love that. The guy that owns the great house by Times Ten was in his front yard so Barb, Andie and I went over introduced ourselves and told him how much we love the house. He could be on a garden tour.

We three all went to the Dallas County Master Gardeners and enjoyed it. Here's a couple of pictures you might enjoy. The readers of the blog, A Succulent Life would have loved some of the plants.

I'm meeting someone at the Fair at 12:30, will tell you about that later. Go to Examiner.com
for latest or old articles. And www.lottieminick.com

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