Sunday, July 20, 2008

State Fair of Texas pieces

Here's the beginning of the State Fair pieces I'm doing for the walk through fountain that has the flags advertising the museums Bob designed at the State Fair.  Thank you Karen for you class on armatours (sp)?  The are messy to make, but as you can see make a great base for the stain glass mosaics.  My special order lipstick red and other grout colors came in so next pictures will be of this guitar with grout.  I'm now working on a blue guitar and am making the keyboard.  I'm naming the fountain pieces "Randall's Garden".  When/if James Randall gets famous with his band he might remember to treat Mom and Dad to the world tour.  Hopefully, by then his music will be a bit easier.  Only our bravest friends have heard his band - chain saw rock and roll is not for everyone.
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