Monday, July 7, 2008

Earrings and Movies

I sent Steve (my very first boyfriend) 6 pairs of my earrings.  He wants to show them to the lady who now has a boutique where his flower shop use to be.  Steve owns a funeral home in New Iberia and has his flower shop inside.  I'm delighted he's going to be my "agent" in New Iberia, Louisiana. 

Steve mentioned the theater on Main Street has been totally renovated and looks just like it did when we were children.  The theater was built in the 1920's in beautiful art deco style.  

My grandmother and I use to go to the matinees at least once a week.  Maw Maw didn't drive so we rode the bus the whopping 6 blocks.  Of course, since we were on the bus schedule, we were not on the movie schedule.  We always walked into the beautiful air conditioned lobby when the movie was half over.  We sat down and enjoyed the second half of the movie, the following cartoon and then the first half of the movie.  Toward the end of the first half, the Big Ben clock ticking in Maw Maw's purse would ring.  Remember Baby Ben and Big Ben clocks?  She had the large square face one that ticked loudly in her purse during the movie.  When the alarm rang I would shrink in my seat.  Maw Maw would stand to her full height in her very high heels with her large tall hat.  If you measured the floor to the top of her hat she was probably a statuesque 5 foot 3 inches.  Slowly, very slowly she'd pull on her gloves, look down at me and say so the entire theater could hear, "Lottie Kate, get up, it's time to catch the bus."  I would slink behind her down the isle.  How I had enough sense to be embarrassed, I don't know.  This is how I attended the movies until I was at 10 years old.  To this day if I see a Big Bend or Baby Bend clock in a flea market I worry it will start to ring and someone will throw me out of the store.

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